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Customer Experience

Cross-Media Feedback Management, improve products and services based on customer feedback.

Voice of the Customer

Make sure the customer voice gets heard throughout the entire organization. Create a customer-centric focus.

Customer Engagement

Next-generation customer service is the new strategic differentiator and strengthens service procedures.


A team of elite experts will guide you in understanding how to be a customer-centric organization.

Be Customer Centric, Perfect Your Customer Experience

Connect with customers on all touchpoints, easily connect with customers through all communication methods, automatically route feedback, engage the entire organization.

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We work very hard to gain customer trust.

We stand by our commitments and make sure it is easy to do business with us.


Repaint the Customer Experience Matrix

Learn about customers’ needs and wants, get deeper insight about improving products and services, increase customer wallet share, and improve loyalty. Allow us to show you how.

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What does upgrading to CEMax mean?

CEMax Solution enables you to have a holistic solution for customer experience management

CEMax Solution is an innovative and modular complaint management platform, voice of the customer, feedback management, and social media monitoring tool. Allowing your company to receive and act upon customer feedback.


Listen to customers through their channels of choice

CEMax enables you to collect information from a wide range of communication channels

With the CEMax solution, you can “listen” to your customer on all communication channels, including video chats, social media, emails, phone polls, website, and other traditional mechanisms. All routed automatically within your organization.


Automated Feedback Routing

Building the Right Procedure Plan for Every Feedback Type

Depending on the feedback type and other properties, the machine learning workflow will create the needed tasks to resolve the feedback, assign the right people to each task, send emails and other correspondences to people within the organization, monitor that every task will meet its deadline and execute escalations when needed.


KPI Keeper© – The Performance Keeper

KPI Keeper is a machine learning module, a fully automated module that sends detailed reports to managers and stakeholders

KPI Keeper© will learn which KPIs and other performance indicators are important to management. Once learning what’s important, KPI Keeper will track these indicators online and will send managers detailed reports on their department/business unit activity.

Why Choose CEMax as Your CEM Solution?

Providing the Best Competitive Advantage


An all-in-one solution providing all of your customer experience needs, from complaint management to customer feedback.

Use the best technology to your advantage, connect with customers in all communication types and all social media, plus incorporate the latest video technology. Connect the entire organization to the experience portal, get deeper insight from stored information, and have KPI Keeper automatically watch your business performance.

Every project contains goals and objectives. The success of a project is not going live rather than making a difference.

CEMax’s project success means seeing improvement in all customer experience related KPIs and providing a measurable R.O.I. to managers and stakeholders. To achieve that, we set goals prior to starting the project. Our implementation methodology, which was developed over years of success, is what ensures these goals will be delivered within the project scope.

CEMax’s Mission Statement is: “To provide enterprises with the ultimate tool for managing their customers’ experiences.”

We always thought that having best technology is only the starting point. Customers told us that they bought our solution because they saw the spark in our eyes when we talked, they felt safe and knew that we would deliver what we promised. We would like to share some of our core values.

Watch a short video that explains CEMax technology at work and how your organization can benefit.

Hear from CEMax Founder about why you should choose CEMax

Hear Ziv Riezman, CEMax Founder, explain what makes the CEMax offering so unique and why he feels comfortable providing an implementation guarantee.

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CEMax's Customer Experience R.O.I.

Contact us for detailed Information about our project R.O.I. per your vertical and implementation guarantee. We are so confident in our technology and team, we offer risk-free project implementation.

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Complaint Management

Customers who complain and give feedback to the company about the product, service, or experience are considered to be some of the most loyal customers. A complaint handling platform is the key to more loyal customers.
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Voice of the Customer

The CEMax Voice of the Customer (VOC) solution helps organizations “listen” to the customer via any communication channel and make sure the customer voice gets heard throughout the entire organization.
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Customer Experience

Having actionable information about your customers’ experience makes it possible for your managers to head off problems that would otherwise hit your bottom line.
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Sharpen your Customer Experiences

Having actionable information about your customers’ experience makes it possible for your managers to head off problems that would otherwise hit your bottom line.

Improve Product and Services

Reduce At-risk Revenue

Reduce Costs

Improve Conversion Rates

Improve Customer Loyalty

Increase Attraction


All Your Needs Under One Roof

System Analysis

We will site-survey your needs, review current infrastructure, and propose a project plan.


Any needed customization will be performed by qualified CEMax personnel.


CEMax will implement the solution within the organization, providing single point of contact.


24/7 support teams will make sure your mission-critical application is up and running.

Learn More About CEMax

Learn more about us, what makes us who we are, how we started more than 16 years ago, and why you should choose CEMax as your customer experience solution provider.

How We Started Why CEMax