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Complaint Management
The CEMax complaint management suite helps your organization build a positive relationship with customers,
strengthen brand loyalty, and promote a long-term customer life cycle.
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CEMax Complaint Management

Customers who complain and give feedback to the company about a product, service, or experience are considered to be the most loyal customers. These customers are providing the company with the most valuable information: how to be better, how to provide a better service, and how make better products. As complaints sometimes are the last resort of customers before switching to the competition, proper complaint handling could be key to more loyal customers.
Over the last few years, we have experienced both technological and mindset transformations. These transformations have change how people communicate and consume information, but technology also brought us new analytics tools, machine learning, and other technological breakthroughs that once used will transform complaint management as we know it.


Making the technological leap in complaint management solution.

Some of the challenges that complaint managers are facing are inflexible and outdated systems, lack of analytics, inconsistent complaint handling due to lack of workflow engine, not having a complete customer view, not having the company’s business units linked to a centralized hub.

CEMax Solution

A holistic solution combined with 16 years of consulting experience.

CEMax software solution is the outcome of 16 years of complaint management consulting. We took every note we ever written and implemented it while developing our own software solution, making our software solution the most comprehensive solution for complaint management.


Cutting-edge technology coupled with best-practices procedures.

Our software solution alongside our vast experience will have a deep impact on how you handle customer complaints, a well-defined project, and a measurable R.O.I. that will allow you to understand the customer, earn his trust, and have the entire organization connected.

Why should you choose CEMax as your solution for complaint management?

Watch this short video explaining how 16 years of experience in complaint management comes to life in a software solution.

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Lowering communication barriers

Enable customers to contact the organization through all communication types.

The CEMax Unified Inbox is a centralized hub that unifies communications across many types of media to simplify customer communication and enrich the customer experience. The Unified Inbox enables you to access all incoming messages, whatever channel people choose. You can utilize the CEMax Unified Inbox to enhance team collaboration, reduce response times and streamline your daily task management activities.

Receive Letters and Faxes

Have meaningful Live Chats

Receive Customers' Emails

Harness the power of Social Media

Receive SMS, VM, and Instant Messages

Utilize QR barcodes, NFC, and IBeacon

Automated Feedback Routing

Building the Right Procedure Plan to Every Feedback

Our adaptive workflow engine will make sure every feedback or complaint is being executed with the right SLA schedule and routed to the right people within the organization.

Depending on the complaint type and other properties like location, regulation, customer sentiment, and other characteristics, the machine learning workflow will create the needed tasks to resolve the complaint, assign the right people to each task, send emails and other correspondence to people within the organization and the customer, monitor that every task will meet its deadline, and execute escalations when needed.

Our experience in many verticals over the years has allowed us to test many workflow procedures. We saw which workflows worked, which were over complicated, and which worked best and made the customer happy. This allows us to bring to the project a set of best-practice workflows for your vertical and regulation requirements.

CEMax workflow allows easy integration with other applications and creates cross-application integration. Some examples of integration could be integrating CEMax with an existing HR system, or integrating CEMax with a quality assurance application, financial application, and others.

Work Planner: Assign tasks for incoming service requests and specify communication channels for each and every task.

Task Scheduler: Set the start and end to calculate the expected completion date for each task.

Activity Tracking: Monitor ongoing activities and communications based on predefined schedule requirements.

Alerts and Notifications: Get real-time alerts and notifications when tasks, schedules and communications are complete or do not conform to SLA requirements.

Multichannel Distribution: Distribute correspondence to customers via any type of communication channel, such as email, letter, fax, SMS or social media.

Automated Responder: Send automated replies to customer service requests and send periodic updates to ensure ongoing communication with the customer.

Exception Handling: Identify and flag undefined events or service faults requiring manual intervention.

Self-Improvement: Gain insight from customer interactions and learn how to adapt to new and evolving needs.

Simplify Communication with Customers and Employees

Correspondence will be sent automatically depending on the user needs or the workflow task being executed. The CEMax correspondence engine includes these features:

Features Built In
Customized Content
Multilingual Support
Multichannel Distribution
Customer and Employee Focused
Ready-to-Use Templates
Workflow / User generated

Main Engagement Portal

The CEMax Customer Engagement Portal provides remote users with direct access to all customer complaint data. The portal enables branch managers, legal advisers and customer service representatives to interact directly about any task or complaint issue. The CEMax customer engagement portal includes these features:

Task Management

Remote users can view all ticket information for any customer.

Customer Tickets

Remote users can open a new ticket on behalf of the customer to resolve an issue and reduce response times.

Dashboard and Reports

Remote users can generate reports and view dashboard key performance indicators (KPIs).

CEMax delivers a complete suite of dashboard analytics reporting tools with direct access to service information data, key performance indicators, and insights from customer interactions.

Customer 360° View

View an integrated 360° customer view, see customer feedback, cases, survey information, social media information and other analytics all in one easy to understand Dashboard. The 360° can also incorporate information from other legacy system to enhance customer information detail.

Knowledge Management

The CEMax Knowledge Management module contains all organizational information including customer information, standard operating procedures, service policies, task procedures, reports and archived data.

Insight and Analytics

Get up-to-date status reports and drill down to analyze the customer experience status

CEMax analytics enable you to analyze customer activity, identify service bottlenecks, and detect product faults, measure customer satisfaction, and strengthen loyalty.

Our ready-to-use reporting and analysis tools help you understand your customer, improve product quality or service, and reduce churn rates. That is why our analytics and reporting tools cover every aspect of every customer interaction. CEMax analytics and reporting capabilities include:

Role-based KPI monitoring

Customer Sentiment Reports

Text Mining Reports

Activity Dashboards

OLAP - Online Analytical Processing

Custom Reports and Report Builder

KPI Keeper© – The Performance Keeper

KPI Keeper© will learn which KPIs and other performance indicators are important to management. Once learning what’s important, KPI Keeper will track these indicators online and will send managers detailed reports on their department/business unit activity, which KPI needs improvement, and how the department or business unit is preforming with regard to other business units, i.e., how one bank branch is measured to other branches in the state.

Machine Learning

KPI Keeper is a machine learning module, a fully automated module, sending detailed reports to managers and stakeholders.

Constant Improvement

KPI Keeper will initiate a process called constant improvement;, KPI values will have a constant linear increase over time.

The CEMax Difference

The implementation of CEMax’s customer complaint suite offers both technological advantages as well as competitive differentiators, but the most important aspect is the effect the solution has on the end customer. A customer who sends a complaint and receives a qualified answer in a timely manner will have a higher sense of loyalty, will promote the company to friends, and will increase spending. As we have tremendous R.O.I. examples, allow us to share a few:

Customer Retention 0
Customer Satisfaction 0
Customer Insight 0

Mission-Critical application? We take support seriously

With 24/7 support, your mission-critical application will receive professional support from CEMax dedicated support staff, helping you make to most of your investment.

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Customer Benefits:

Technology Benefits

Includes built-in Complaint Management, Call Center and Survey application with no third-party add-ons

Receive complaints via all communication types

Automate communications with customers

Workflow for complaint processing

Central complaints hub

Monitor KPI’s automatically

Use field-proven best practices

Implementation Benefits

With 16 years of complaint management project implementation experience, you can be sure your project will be a successful one

Reliable, Field-Proven Technology

Add-ons Modules

Fast Implementation Time

Standardize Service Activities

Lowering TCO Costs

24/7 Mission-critical Support

Company Benefits

Quickly solving problems and reducing friction is key to retaining customers and protecting the corporate reputation

Increase Loyalty and Reduce Churn

Improve Customer Experience

Improve Products and Services

Promote Brand Reputation

Fast and Measurable R.O.I.

Meet Compliance Demands

Contact CEMax for a personal demo of our complaint management solution